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Web Hosting General FAQ

What is web hosting ?
Web Hosting is the act of providing space and bandwidth through a company so that you may publish your web site online.

How Do I Register a Domain Name ?
Registering a domain name is very easy.
Go to -> client area -> check the availability. click Order Now follow the simple step by step process.

What is shared (virtual) web hosting ?
Shared (or virtual) web hosting is the most fitting way of hosting for 99% of web sites. It means that a web hosting company will have one or more servers (computers constantly connected to the Internet that run a web server software such as Apache or IIS) that will be running multiple web sites (it will be shared). Unless a web site is exceptionally busy or requires a lot of bandwidth, this is the least expensive way to get a real web site.You can still have your own IP address with virtual hosting and the site won’t look any different to users. Other options are dedicated, co-location, or doing it yourself web hosting. In those options you have the whole computer to yourself and you can do things like install your own software.

What is the difference between UNIX hosting and Windows hosting ?
Depending on which operating system to go with depends on your needs.If you need to support Microsoft products such as ASP, MS Access, or VBScript ,then Windows hosting would be better. Furthermore, if you are comfortable with IIS and do not have the time to understand how UNIX works, Windows hosting would again be a better choice. There are some things to remember.
First of all, just because you use Windows at home does not mean you should use Windows hosting. The two are completely different, and having a Windows system at home will not affect your ability to communicate with a UNIX server.Secondly, Linux is much more common with web hosts due to its superior stability and because it is free. Since it is free, Linux hosting is usually cheaper than Windows. Just because it’s free does not mean it’s not as good – Linux is an excellent product too.

Why would I need a dedicated IP ?
For most people, a dedicated IP is not required. But for people that want to provide anonymous FTP or a website using SSL, a dedicated IP can make that easier.

Why would I need to provide my personal information and would it visible on the Internet ?
Yes, for security/legal purposes and speedy technical troubleshooting, the details shall be made submitted on a directory which keeps a track of all the domains owned by various individuals/organizations. Your personal information submitted to Hexahost will not be made public, domain name WHO IS record personal information can be hided free of cost.

Your prices are lower / higher than other companies. Does that mean your hosting is better/worse than these other companies ?
Our prices are lower than many other prices you have seen, and our offered features/quality are better than most other companies. We do not offer the cheapest or the highest price but we do offer top quality solutions at a span reasonable price.We do not offer any unlimited plans/solutions to anyone in order to maintain “Quality of Service” for all. Business organizations should always beware of unlimited diskspace/unlimited data transfer offerings etc. You yourself may be in business or a professional.Does an unlimited offering on any product/service make sense to you? Would a company honor its commitments if all its customers pay a limited price and start making unlimited use of their products/services?

How can I pay for web hosting ?
This depends on which host you decide to go with. Hexahost accepts all credit card payments through PayPal and/or Check/DD/Cash payments to business account. Pls.write to support.

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